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No words necessary. This place is amazingggg

Thai Farm Cooking School @ Chiangmai

My first time in Chiangmai was a wonderful, pampering and spiritual trip. Herbs and spices were all over this amazing country. A cooking class naturally is a must-do during our stay. With 6 girls coming all the way from Hong Kong, we’re not the typical ‘good wifey’ material without proper skills. Yeah sure, we like to slurp on our Tong Yum soup but this time, we really got the chance to make it out of scratch!!!

Leading the class was Benny, our very energetic cooking instructor from the Thai Farm Cooking school. We were able to take a look at the local market and learn about the main ingredients of Thai food, differences of coconut milk/cream, sauces being used when making Thai dishes.

Then we were taken back to the school where we learn about the herbs and spices. When we finished the tour we went back to our kitchen and thanks to the wonderful staff in the cookery, ingredients are all ready…

Here’s a glance of what the classroom looks like…

We first tried to make our own green curry paste. It has so many herbs and spices in it but the main ingredients, of course, is chilli!!! 

The above is the main ingredients you need to make a clear tong yum soup. Truly refreshing and I didn’t put one of those sweet red paste that would sweeten the soup. Benny mentioned that local Thais would not put that kind of paste and it would lessen the spicy flavour.

Waa-laaaa! Here’s my first creation: Clear Tong Yum Soup!

Next we are going to prepare stir-fried chicken with cashews nuts..

And here’s my main courses….

What a wonderful view..

We were pretty dead when we were about to cook our fourth dish because the first three courses were too good! But Pad Thai is much an easier dish than I imagined. And this really made me want to do this on my own!

Atlas!!! A thai favourite - the mango sticky rice. Want to know the secret of getting the blue color on the sticky rice? It’s natural coloring, we’ve put Iris flower leaves to the coconut cream before we mixed it into the sticky rice. You could color it green if you put Pandan leaf. ;)

It was a tiring day but truly satisfying. After a long whole day of cooking (5 dishes!!!) we couldn’t WAIT to splash in our pool back in our villa :)



Girl power flower clutch. Like Dreams, bought from Nastygal

Girl power flower clutch. Like Dreams, bought from Nastygal